Assassination Rogue PvP

Just getting started with my new Horde Rogue, Slaeyn.

I got a bit confused with the score in this battleground. I'm too used to looking at the Alliance score hehe. But, it worked out in the end. Before, with even lower gear, I was finding it a bit difficult - and getting in trouble for being in bgs with low gear lol.

Now my item level and hp is increasing it's feeling a bit better. Gear still too low - I want to get it to my Feral Druid's gear level soon as possible. Which is still low, but at least the best I can do via conquest bar rewards. Not doing rated at this time, and I try to avoid PvE. I gear via conquest points instead. Good enough for WPvP and normal battlegrounds, which have a variety of opponent gear levels.

I'm using easy mode talents and macros, just like on my Feral. Not there yet with the macros or muscle memory, or strat. But will get there. When the Rogue's macros are finalized and well tested, I'll create an Easy Mode guide for Assassination Rogue.

I've been playing Feral Druid for quite some time, and wanted to do another class that was different but same. I'll probably stick with two classes. The Rogue for my Horde PvP guild and Druid for my Alliance PvP guild.

Rogue and Feral are ofc similar, and that helps when playing both. The thing I miss on the Rogue is the Druid's additional healing. But the Rogue's better stealth and crowd control are a lot of fun, and I guess I need slightly different strat.

On the Feral, my fav thing in bgs is defending a flag. Sometimes I get in trouble for defending (??), but Feral seems quite suited to it. On my Rogue, attacking flags will be my priority. I... love... Sap capping flags! Both specs are perfect for WPvP.

I've tried a few different classes for PvP other than my Druid, but deleted them! Feeling good about the Rogue. I love stealth, sneak kills, and I know people hate Rogues. So it's awesome! Feral and Rogue, love em!