Assassination Rogue

I love hate Rogues, they are awesome!

I made a Rogue mostly because I needed a GM character for a new guild, but also wanted an alt that would be similar in setup to my main, a Feral Druid. Different but same. I love Feral, but when I am on it I'm sometimes thinking about the cool stuff Rogues can do. And vice versa, when on my Rogue I miss the Feral.

I'm a casual, so I am easily entertained. My fav thing to do with Rogue is sap cap flags in battlegrounds like Arathi Basin. I like to imagine how the solo defender is feeling after they lose the flag. In World PvP I am very entertained by stealthing around sapping enemy players until the diminishing returns reaches zero, then a blind. I might attack and try to kill them, but if it looks like I will not succeed, can just vanish away. Love it! Brings out my inner jerk. I hate Rogues, and it's good to help others hate them too.

The main reason for making this Rogue alt, is that I created a Horde guild to mirror my Alliance guild. At first, it was created as a joke. Talking with an Alliance Defence Force community member, the thought occurred to us, it would be funny if there was a Horde Defence Force. Ye it would be funny (to me). So I made the HDF guild and community, which is gradually becoming more PvP active despite me not being on there often. Needed a GM character, thought Rogue would be easy because same idea as Feral. And most hated Horde race must be Scourge. There ye go, an evil Rogue was born.

Because this is an alt, I will not get as many videos made for it. But if you want to watch my Assassination Rogue in action, there's a Rogue playlist on the PVPXTV YouTube channel.

I have a bold plan - make an alt for every class and spec. I'm an altaholic!