Arms Warrior

I briefly casually semi-mained an Arms Warrior in Legion, then gave up. This means unfinished business, so I made a fresh Arms Warrior alt.

I'm in the process of leveling alts for every class and spec. On every class I expect there to be something, a thing that makes me want to play it. On my Druids, Prowl. On my Death Knight, Grip. On my Rogue, sap cap. For Warrior, I love Charge and Heroic Leap. Lots of fun with that!

I've done a few battlegrounds with this Arms Warrior alt, but still very low level. Feels kinda weak. Hoping that it will improve. To be fair, I am using easy mode macros and mashing buttons. Yep, I am a casual. Too lazy to do things the "right way". However, if I am going to be a casual, may as well go for it and be the best casual I can be. How? Be casual on every spec of every class! A super casual.

Trying to distribute my time on these alts, but it's kinda hard for a casual. Next goal is get all my current leveling alts up past level 30, purely in battlegrounds. That's tough leveling. But I don't care the length of time, and I have plenty time to "learn" as I go.

One of my fav things in WoW is upgrades. That's part of my reason for doing all these alts, I want to get those gear upgrades. Feels good man. I spent quite a bit on the auction house to get this Arms Warrior its minimal starting gear, so the upgrades have not been as good. Kinda put me off I think! Maybe on future alts I should not buy too much gear up front.

If you want to see my Arms Warrior in action, watch my Arms Warrior playlist on the PVPXTV YouTube channel. Like and subscribe if you want to see more!

Ye I need to get more time on this Arms Warrior. I shouldn't level any more alts until I've progressed the current batch a bit. Watch this space! I have a bold plan - make an alt for every class and spec. I'm an altaholic!