Arathi Basin Waste of Damage

The enemy team had big damage, but without defence it was wasted in Arathi Basin battleground.

In the Waste of Damage WoW PvP video, we can see a good example of poor strategy from the enemy team in an unrated Arathi Basin. Capturing a flag, then abandoning it, is a risky move. Even if your team is doing good damage, and capturing base after base... which feels good, not defending the flag after it's captured means it could all be for nothing.

For some players, damage is the goal. It's important for sure. To win consistently, the objective should be the goal. In Arathi Basin, the objective is the flags. Not just capping them, but also defending them is essential. Want to be a team player? Be prepared to switch from attack to defence when needed.

Respond to inc calls when possible. And get into the habit of opening the map, checking for undefended bases, calling out any lack of defence, or going to defend that base yourself. Call incs, and early. If you can, call incs on other bases too! Seconds really do count. Defenders, keep your flag in view at all times, even when looking around for incoming enemies. As you can see in the PvP video, stealthers can just walk right up to the flag and take it if you are not watching. Always embarrassing for a defender.

If you abandon a flag, whoa - very embarrassing if your team see it happen. I have my map open a lot, and see it happen so many times. When the abandoner later complains in chat about the team's performance... lol.

In rbgs, you'll get told where to go. In casual bgs, you'll often have to think for yourself. If your team captures a base, a defence mindset can help win. Do it for the team. If there's already enough defence, leave immediately - watch the map, be ready to go back if it's abandoned. Defenders are unlikely to be top in damage, but you're doing a good thing for your team.

At the end of the PvP video, you can see that Horde did nice damage. However it was completely wasted effort since they didn't defend their captured flags. If they had changed their strat when they could see it wasn't working, they might have won. You can make a difference in that situation. If you see a flag undefended, defend it. Call incoming in chat. You might get ignored - or even criticized for defending. But it's the right thing to do, could help win, and often there will be fun fights at the flag :)

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