WoW PvP Addons

Addons for World of Warcraft retail battlegrounds, arena and world PvP. Get them from PVPXTV’s CurseForge Projects or search in the CurseForge App.

WarCult – Become a follower of our cul… community dedicated to PvP.

TopTarget – Highlights name plate of your group’s most targeted enemy.

Vantage – In combat, displays role count of group members in range.


Become a follower of our cross region, cross realm, cross faction WoW PvP community. It’s not a cult but it’s a cult.

The addon displays a yellow X shape on your world map in the cult zones. Stand in the PvP X. Contemplate the greatness of the X between arenas and battlegrounds, duel and world PvP within the X, launch a city attack if enough players. Together we will destroy each other.


PvP addon highlights nameplate of your group’s most targeted enemy player with a red cornered box. Target caller can use the addon to prioritize their target and get visual feedback on group’s targeting. Non target callers in heat of battle can use the addon to target priority/same target.

Requires enemy player nameplates enabled in World of Warcraft settings: Interface > Game > Names.


PvP addon displays a role count of your group members in spell range during combat. When you stay in range of group, victory is more likely. Leader can use the addon to keep track of group positioning. Group member in heat of battle can use the addon to stay in range of their group.

Vantage frame is initially centered. To move the frame, hold down keyboard shift and left mouse button to drag the frame to desired position.